British Accents

My dear students of group 152! Per our conversation on the specifics of the British standard accent I suggest you watching a video which illustrates the most common features of Cockney, Estuary, Midland, Northern, West Country English as well as Scottish, Welsh and Irish accents. The author of the video provides a quiz that can help you check your understanding of the subject.
On my part, I am offering another discussion of the topic in class. Get started considering the following questions:
1. What is the difference between the words “accent” and “dialect”?
2. How many people in Great Britain speak in RP? Where do they live? How can they be described?
3. Give examples demonstrating the specific features of the British accents.
4. What are the three main things that really matter when you speak English (according to Gill’s video)?
Hope you will find it interesting.

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