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Дорогие студенты первого курса (групп 11, 12, 13, 111, 112)!

Предлагаю вам пройти тестирование по темам: Plural (Test 17), Plural/Singular (Test 24), Much/Many (Test 16).

Для их прохождения можете продолжить чтение поста или выбрать соответствующую страницу (Тестирование).

Тест будет доступен 24.09.11 и 25.09.11. В ночное время возможны технические проблемы с доступом к блогу. В связи с этим планируйте прохождение тестов с 7.00 до 21.00.

Желаю вам успехов!

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Александра Георгиади, кандидат педагогических наук, ассистент кафедры английской филологии института иностранной филологии Таврической академии Крымского федерального университета имени В. И. Вернадского

15 thoughts on “Online Testing”

  1. Good day! My name is Alina. I am from 11 group. I have passed all 3 tests. Plural (Test 17) and Much/Many (Test 16) were not so hard, but I have some mistakes. Test 24 was harder than others, but interesting. I have some questions. If we have such words like: mother-in-law, where should we put the ending to make plural?

    1. It is very good that you find the tests not difficult and interesting enough) As for your question about “mother-in-law”, the ending is added to the 1st noun. So the plural is “mothers-in-law”. By the way, all the relatives by marriage are called “in-laws”.

  2. The tests were not very hard but I have some mistakes. I have a question. Which is it the right variant:
    There is a hair in my soup.
    There is hair in my soup.

  3. I passed the tests, so now I think that they’re not so difficult. But I had some problems.
    Anyway, the tests are intresting!
    I got confused with some quetions, but I hope that my results will get better with time.
    And also I think that I made ​​a few mistakes in this comment.

    Thank you

  4. The tests I have passed were not very difficult, but I made a lot of mistakes, due to these tests I learn my weak points.
    And now I try to improve my English grammar.
    Thank you very much ,it was interesting for me.

  5. Also I took the test on Plural/Singular maybe 100 times, but FINALLY I found my the biggest mistake! And it was a big surprise for me, because it was “dozen eggs”!!! But now I know it!

  6. Good morning!
    Thank you so much for all these tests. I’ve passed them all. It was very useful, interesting and funny. I like your tests very much!

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