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Alexandra Georgiadi
My name is Alexandra Georgiadi.

I have always worked in teaching English: first as a student giving private lessons to people of all generations and different walks of life, then as an English teacher for a private college providing secondary education, later still as a teacher for a couple of language centres.

As a teacher, my main interest has always been the application of new methods that can be the most effective and helpful to my students.

Also I have a passion for translation (mostly interpreting). I eagerly take part-time jobs in interpreting as I find it very inspiring and challenging, something which lets me feel what a language is.

Currently I work as a Lecturer’s Assistant at the department of Translation and Sociolingustics in Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University. I teach English Grammar and Phonetics and a course on Comparative Grammar of English, Ukrainian and Russian.

I created this site as a way to share my passion for both jobs with my students and colleagues.

I hope the materials presented here will make good tools in learning/teaching English and will help us benefit from the development of modern technologies.

My interests:

innovations in teaching English, media-educational technologies, on-line education, learning foreign languages based on web-resources.

Thank you for visiting!

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