Augment Your Reality: Survey on Learning English through Films

Prepared by Mavile Gutu, student of the department of English philology, Taurida Academy, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University// Watching films is one of the best ways to learn English, not only because they are full of interesting vocabulary, idioms and accents but it’s also fun! Take part in our survey filling in the questionnaire “Learning English through Films” in Google forms and we will soon share our findings with you. Thank you for participation in our survey! If you want to practise listening to different British accents, continue reading the post to learn more about British films providing a variety of accents.  Continue reading Augment Your Reality: Survey on Learning English through Films

British Accents

My dear students of group 152! Per our conversation on the specifics of the British standard accent I suggest you watching a video which illustrates the most common features of Cockney, Estuary, Midland, Northern, West Country English as well as Scottish, Welsh and Irish accents. Continue reading British Accents

Let’s get started

My dear 1st year students! You are welcome to my blog which I created to help you learn English in an amusing and effective way. I believe that the use of multimedia materials of the web, educational platforms and social networks makes learning experience lively and incessantly intriguing. You will be addressing the blog in your selfstudy work on Grammar and Phonetics this term, and  later studying other aspects of the English language. I hope you will like it.

Your comments and suggestions on how to improve our work are wellcome!

Lyrics training

Всех поздравляю с наступившей весной! Желаю провести плодтворно и занимательно ближайшие выходные. А любителям изучать английский под музыку и с песней могу посоветовать замечательный ресурс Интересен он и разнообразием жанров, и прекрасной подборкой композиций, но главное – это образовательный сайт. Здесь вы в интерактивном режиме сможете обретать Continue reading Lyrics training